Working beautifully!

Obamacare is working precisely as its critics claimed it would. Prices are higher and going up; government waste has increased — Did you see the report from Kentucky where a firm contracted to process Obamacare applications had NOTHING TO DO; when federal overseers came in, the employees’ bosses instructed them to “look busy” — people are losing the hospitals and doctors of their choice and businesses are dumping employees into the exchanges.  Obamacare is subsidy for big business!!  Who knew?!  Only every critic who offered an opinion, that’s who.  But handmaidens in the press and the faith-based acolytes simply ignored the warning or laughed them off.  Nobody’s laughing now, not ordinary citizens or Dem pols.  There is just nothing funny.  As the linked article points out, even left MSM institutions have begun to take notice.  The NYT’s stated last week that employee sponsored healthcare may soon be a thing of the past.

Barack Obama will drive the Democratic Party over a cliff.  I first made that prediction when he was running against Hillary.

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