Whither violence?

Let me begin by saying I am not advocating anyone shoot anyone else.  I am not advocating this because I don’t want to get in trouble.  So, let’s think of this as an intellectual exercise.

Candy Crowley ran interference for Obama in a 2012 presidential debate.   Prior to the election Obama was interviewed by Steve Croft for 60 Minutes.  That interview was edited to cut out Obama’s refusal to call Benghazi a terrorist attack. In other words, two journalists worked to cover the ass’s ass and aid in his re-election.

For a dozen years the LA TIMES has possessed a tape of a going away party for Rashid Khalidi, former PLO toady, at which Obama is said to have heaped praise on the terrorist abettor.  Numerous requests have been made for LAT to release the tape, but these have been refused.

If, during the last 2 years, someone had pumped a bullet into the heads of Crowley, Croft and the publisher of the LAT’s,  do you think the country might get a more balanced reckoning from reporters in debates or interviews or with respect to information held leading up to the 2016 elections?

Before concluding that I am a mad man to be shunned and feared, consider this…The Founding Fathers believed a free and independent press to be an imperative for a free people.  I have no expectation of bias free journalism; however, reporters and news institutions should either admit their convictions (commonplace in the 19th Century) or, at the very least, keep their fists off the scale.

I am going to address this further in days to come.  Reporters, academics, prosecutors, anyone who uses power to deceive people or subvert their will is guilty of totalitarian behavior.

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