Whither violence (part 3)

Recently, DA’s on political witch hunts have indicted or tried to indict both Rick Perry and Scott Walker.  (I cannot resist the urge to link to the arrest for DUI of the “judge” behind Perry’s indictment; sorry.  This arrest has been sited as the source for the judge’s desire for revenge.

In both cases the motives were readily discovered, as can be seen here and here.  A few years ago Tom Delay had the same difficulty in Texas.  He, too, was cleared of all charges. (Note: I chose this report for a reason that becomes obvious as soon as the link opens.) Delay had to resign as Speaker of the House in order to defend himself.

Of greater import was what happened to Ted Stephens…And what it led to.  Recall that without 60 votes to end the filibuster, the ACA doesn’t pass. Therefore, if, as has been speculated and is roundly accepted, the indictment cost Stevens his seat, then it is directly responsible for Obamacare becoming law.   Here is the final word on the “case” against Stevens.  Please note that none other than Eric Holder asked the trial judge to set aside the conviction of Senator Stevens (Care to bet on what Holder’s actions would have been prior to the election?), and also of interest is this action taken by the judge who oversaw the trial:

“Sullivan appointed Washington lawyer Harry Schuelke as special prosecutor to conduct a criminal investigation of the federal prosecutors working on the Stevens case.”

Into this mix we need to add Lois Lerner and the attempt by the IRS to intimidate and, if possible, jail members of conservative non-profit groups.  (If authorities are willing to indict, then, presumably, they are doing so in order to imprison.)

It appears to me there is a significant willingness on the part of progressives to jail their  political opponents.   And what is the conclusion to be drawn when proposed legislation becomes law as a result corrupt prosecution?  That is a circumvention of democracy and an explicit embrace of tyranny.

I will conclude this tomorrow.

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