Whither violence (Part 2)

Continuing yesterday’s sprint from propriety…When does violence become a rational option?  Put these in the hopper before deciding an answer.

Did you know that over the course of 15 years 1400 girls in the British city of Rotherham were raped by Pakistani Muslims?  Specificity is important here: They were GIRLS. I’ve yet to read an accounting in which any one of the victims was even 20 years old, and most were 14 and 15.  Here is another story, this one with some pics of the perps.

There was no secret in it.  If you read about it you’ll discover that social workers turned their backs on the girls and politicians (all good Labourites) didn’t want to rock the multicultural boat or be accused of racism.   Where were the police?  They, too, feared being called racists.  Such is the power of multiculturalism.  It is a weapon so feared, so powerful and potent as to make grown men — officers of the law — walk away from rapists.  Again, read these articles and you will discover a couple of instances where Brit cops went so far as to arrest a couple of fathers who went after their daughters’ assailants. Orwellian will not suffice to define.

The only thing to marvel in the Rotherham incident is the pecking order of interest groups in the progressive constellation.  Evidently “war on women” finishes second to Mohammed when you’re across the pond.  And, of course, if what we’ve seen in the US is any indication, the fact that the girls were white and working class places them above only white working class males and several notches beneath whatever slug has just made an appearance on some endangered species list.

But now think of this and this and this.  British and EU progressive governments have for years deliberately and systematically opened their borders and encouraged and facilitated a flow of immigrants with the specific goal of upending their nations homogeneity and cultural identification.  The goal was the holy grail of multiculturalism and a lasting voter coalition.  Sound familiar?

Note that above I mentioned the EU as well as Britain.  Check this out.  Here is a pleasant takeaway stat: From 1975 to 2014 the number of rapes in Sweden went from 421 to 6620, an increase of a mere 1472%.  Guess what happened to Swedish immigration in those years?  Guess who the perps are?  But the multiculties in Sweden continue to sing “I’m okay, you’re okay.”

The last line of the article is so important I have to paste it here:

“George Orwell once observed that the only way to challenge totalitarianism was by having the courage to call things by their real names.  Political correctness is so dangerous because it is based on a lie and it promulgates itself by enforcing a lie on the rest of us.”

How can anyone wonder why there has been a rise in far right political activity in Europe?

However, seemingly, I have diverged from the heading in this post.  No, I have not.  First, to the — I hesitate to use this word — smaller issue.  If you won’t protect the girls in your society, then what kind of culture do you have?  If you won’t kill men who are bent on raping your nieces and daughters or neighbors nieces and daughters then what kind of man are you?  Rotherham shouldn’t just have violence; it should have an orgy of blood shedding, mob induced, vengeance driven, terrifying violence.

And it should not end with the perps, but with the people in authority whose policies led to this, or who turned their backs while this happened, being dragged from their homes and lynched, shot, beaten or any combination of the three.  I have zero interest in listening to anyone explain or lecture to me about civility or law or justice or sanity.  The pantywaist elitists with their agenda driven sensibilities have forfeited any right to instruct anyone on the fine points of superior man.  Fuck them.  They brought this about.  It is their fault.  In their fealty to a square-peg-in-a-round-hole agenda they have destroyed and obliterated the fabric on which civility is woven.

There will be a third installation.





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