When does violence become a rational option?

How about when this happens?  As disastrous and costly as the Obama foreign policy has been and will continue to be, nothing chaps my ass as much as the Federal government having become the punitive arm of the Democratic Party.  This behavior is criminal, and the people behind deserve stiff prison terms.  Let me clear, I don’t give a rat’s red ass if some guy (although, I’d prefer it be a woman, and a woman of color would be great) goes around the bend and in a fit of righteous rage (perhaps the individual hasn’t gone “around the bend,” but in a flash of wisdom understands that grabbing the law with both fists has become the only option) sticks a gun barrel up Lois Lerner’s nose and blows her brains out.  In fact, if I am on the jury, the perp is going home.  I ain’t voting guilty if they have the whole god damn thing on video tape and it’s accompanied by confession of guilt on youtube.

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