What they truly believe

This has to be heard in order to be believed. Howard Dean says Republicans are  not Americans and we belong in Russia or the Ukraine.  Were I to read this kind of thing in the comment section of a left-wing blog I would think “Okay, just an idiot with no job and a hangover.”  But Dean is a man of putative reputation and intelligence.  How can he expect civil conversation?  Hell, how does he expect us to continue to live together peacefully?  Words like this, once filtered to the lower ranks, to the knuckleheads, have a capacity to engender violence.  This is irresponsible and stupid.  However, I am long past the point of decrying and despair.  Those who support him demand no accounting for his spewing this nonsense, and that should inform us.  We are going to have to fight — and I don’t mean that in the rhetorical sense — we are going to have to fight Howard Dean and his acolytes.  They hate us and everything we hold dear.

Just as a thought experiment…Has anyone responsible voice on the right — since Joe McCarthy — said that Democrats were not Americans?

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