What happens on Hill’s server, stays on Hill’s server

Hill’s spokesperson handpicks the reporters who are chosen to ask questions, and now the entire episode, like an Arab, should quietly steal away.  Of course her server will remain private.  The entire dog-and-pony show was conducted at the UN, a venue notoriously difficult for reporters to gain credential access.   This was so Hill could keep a tighter control on the proceedings.  The whole charade began with Madame talking about equality for women.  Here’s a quote: “[T]he full participation of women and girls is the great unfinished business of the 21st century.”  No word yet on whether that meant women in the Arab-Muslim world as well.  I suppose it’s tough to take millions from Saudi Arabia and Qatar and then pound your benefactors too hard on women’s rights. (Or could she have meant that Bill’s needs require further participation?)

Tough to see which way this will go.  However, it may be the last opportunity for a press that has become an adjunct of the Democratic Party to assert its independence and win back some credibility.  The thing is, the Dems don’t have a viable presidential candidate ready to step up, and a full-throated howl from the press will destroy Hillary.  Right now, she contends she will not turn over her server.  The press could make things hot enough to change that.  And the only reason she’s not turning it over is because she has something to hide.

Her backers are devoid of decency or honor.  They will do or say anything, whatever it takes to ride over this.  It’s all about power to them.  The thing is, on the heels of the Clinton Foundation scandal, the left should make itself see beyond the moment.  Hillary Clinton is flawed beyond redemption.  They will save her from this moment only to have to suffer the next one.

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