We’re living through the worst government scandal in the nation’s history

Kevin Williamson sums up (I was going to say nicely, but there is nothing nice about the seeming lack of concern from too many of our citizens and the repercussions in this matter) the IRS scandal.  The people involved are absolutely candidates for political assassination.  This was a bold faced attempt to CRIMINALIZE POLITICAL OPPONENTS, that is, to JAIL THEM.

Romney’s loss to obama was closer than McCain’s even though Romney had fewer votes.  In other words, he lost because center-right voters didn’t show up at the polls; in suppressing conservative activism,obama, Dems and the IRS may be responsible for suppressing voter turnout; thus, James Taranto in the WSJ has labelled obama, president asterisk.

Is there among the entire congressional consortium of Dems even a single person of honor?  Will any among them demand an independent prosecutor?  Have power and winning become their soul gods?

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