We have to quit fighting ourselves

I recently had this conversation with two people with whom I am in political lockstep 90%  of the time.   I have long thought that the GOP was, actually, the big tent party.  It was the Dems that threw you out for the slightest transgression.  (Recall they wouldn’t let the late PA gov Bob Casey speak at the convention because he was against abortion.)

Unfortunately, a significant percentage of conservatives have made the perfect the enemy of the good.  The result was a huge number of people who would otherwise have been Romney voters didn’t show up at the polls.  Mitt Romney was nowhere near my first choice.  I can recall swearing I’d never vote for the guy.  However, eventually, common sense prevailed on my thinking.    I think any conservative/libertarian who doesn’t see how much better off we’d be today with Romney instead of Obama is, well, nuts.  This thinking applies to McConnell, Cochran, McCain, Graham, insert name of RINO.  You want to primary ’em?  Fine.  Whoever comes out of the primary, close ranks and support them.  The notion that Lindsey or McCain are the same as a Democrat is simply bullshit.

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