WE don’t need no stinkin’ free speech

This article is the early front runner for the year’s most disturbing report.  John Chait is a card-carrying lefty and he is clearly troubled by the ascendance of PC on the left.  (I would argue that PC and it’s concomitant desire to close down all opposing ideas are the very core of today’s left.)  What’s most disturbing are the cadre of voices, writers and academics for the most part, who argue that free speech has limits, that some voices should not be heard.  Of course, they are the ones who will make the choice.  Well, since the proponents of censorship are putting their outrageous notions foursquare before us, I will add mine:  Should the day come when they get their way, they will find me a implacable enemy, one hell bent on violent and terminal retribution…and I will not be alone.  We will kill them, or they will tyrannize all of us.  Marxists totalitarians…every damn one of them.

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