Update: Brian Williams remains a POS; evidence below

Of all the cod pieces on televised news, Williams gives off the greatest stench.  At least at MSNBC there is no pretense about objectivity; Brian Williams would insist he is fair.  Check this out.  Understand this: if you are a conservative or a libertarian, Williams has zero respect for you; you are an idiot; he hates you.  Okay, shithead, I hate you back.  Now go rot.  How can anyone wonder that we no longer trust journalists?

Speaking of that, Mo Dowd had a piece on Sunday about Williams  in which she cast an eye back to the days when journalist were revered, specifically mentioning Cronkite and his comment after the Tet offensive that we were mired in a stalemate in Vietnam.  This comment from Cronkite has, in liberal myth, become the accepted reason that Johnson didn’t run for a second term.  The only problem is the whole foundation has been debunked.  Dowd, in the bubble of liberal media land is evidently blissfully unaware of this; or, perhaps, doesn’t care a whit about perpetuating a lie.  Whatever.   Let me repeat:  How can anyone wonder that we no longer trust journalists?
By the way, here, for good measure, is Cronkite’s blather.  He, too, was a liar, as were too many of the reporters filing from Vietnam.  Tet was a DISASTER for the North Vietnamese.  The Viet Cong in the south never recovered from the losses suffered during Tet.  As the article I posted says, To put this in perspective, the news media would have reported the Battle of the Bulge, Hitler’s last ditch attempt to stop the allied forces in Europe, as a “disaster” for the Allies.

Our media has been dishonest for years.  Only now, because of the internet, talk radio and Fox News there is some push back.  Without these, Brian Williams would have skated from this entire escapade.

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