Totalitarian thugs, right in our own back yard! Yippee!

Lois Lerner should be dragged from her home and shot.

Carl Levin should be dragged from his home and shot.

Sheldon Whitehouse should be dragged from his home and shot.

I am prepared to listen to all arguments upholding the above notions. These people were like hungry beasts trying to get at a meal.  The strategy  was to jail political opponents; the tactics were to use the IRS to harass and indict them.  In e-mail after e-mail the message is crystal clear: “How do find some way to get at them?  Let’s slow walk and impede them, but we’ve got to find a way around the damn law so we can put them in jail.”

If only  just one were hanged by a mob, the message would be sent.  We have a runaway, Constitution-and-law-be-damned government.  If you have friends who fail to acknowledge the seriousness of this issue, they are not your friends.  They are, instead, people who would smile as you were carted away to prison and then loot your home.  Keep your guns; buy another one; have plenty of ammunition.

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