This guy is was in our Special Forces…And he gets it.

They hate us…They think we are evil…and they are willing to destroy, imprison, or, yes, even kill us.

Be armed.  AR-15, 4 or 5 extended magazines and 5.56 ammo.  I recommend a pistol or two as well…9M or .40 or .45.  You don’t have to be an Olympian to shoot well and effectively.  In the meantime, as the article states, know who they are, who they REALLY are.  Once you understand them, you will anticipate their behavior.  They will stop at nothing to hurt or destroy you.  Be prepared to be ruthless.

If you doubt any of this, spend a bit of time researching the John Doe warrants in Wisconsin, or see what a federal judge had to say about the prosecutors in Ted Stevens case in Alaska.  Do a bit of research on how Al Franken ‘won’ is Senate seat.   Once done with this research, ponder the IRS scandal.  Think about the implications.  These people will stop at nothing.  They want power over you.

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