The Most Vile Man in Media

This creep should have been in prison a long time ago; that he continues to occupy a place of some importance to Democrats says everything you need to know about their lack of principles.  Check this out:

Here’s another goodie:

Sharpton is the moral equivalent of KKK’er David Dukes (and the intellectual equivalent of Alfred E. Newman), but he’s a Dem, so he gets a pass.  The simple fact of the matter is that Dems can’t win a majority of white votes, not even Obama could.  As a result, they depend on a monolithic black vote.  Peel off a quarter of African American voters, and the Dems are left with 30 senators and 150 Congressman.  Therefore, the Democratic Party will accept any behavior and whatever moron occupies the slightest position of authority in the black community, end of story.

Still, if you want to start your day off right, watch Sharpton wrestle — and lose — with a teleprompter.  On top of everything else, he’s stupid.

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