The left is totalitarian by instinct, and they are much to be feared

A few weeks ago — Or was it months?  I suffer from Brian Williams’ memory difficulties — I wrote a post declaring that the left would resort to some level of violence if/when they lose the 2016 presidential election.  If forced to bet right now, I would wager they lose the presidency, while the GOP holds the Senate. The House will not even be in play. This conservative/libertarian trifecta will be far more than the juvenile-Marxist-narcissists-totalitarians can bear, and they will resort to riots, looting, destroying, molotov cocktails and temper tantrums.  The violence will be street level demonstrations over whatever controversy they can manage to gin up, with some real or imagined race controversy being the leading candidate to crop up first.  Their efforts will be most earnest in urban areas where disaffected and racists blacks form a ready cadre, and will certainly be evidenced on more than a few college campuses where jerk-off spoiled a**holes in need of a sound spanking will be stirred to action by jerk-off lazy a**holes in need of a serious beating, or perhaps worse.

My prognostication and this follow-up are underscored in this article in a much more forceful and convincing way than I have managed.  The author, Kevin Williamson, writes better and goes into greater persuasive detail.   Then again, he writes better and more persuasively than damn near every soul on the planet, perhaps excepting Mark Steyn.

I could regurgitate his points here, but you are better served by reading his article.  It is concise and damning…and frightening.  From weaponizing the IRS for political might to wishing to jail those not in agreement on global warming to a desire to curb the First Amendment to the violent intimidation on university campuses of all those not in lock-step with PC — that is to say, progressive — culture, Williamson ties all of it neatly together.

I leave you with the last line of his article: “The difference between Elizabeth Warren’s partisans and the Tontons Macoutes is very little more than testosterone and time.”  …Mull that over brunch.

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