The disaster that is Obamacare

Must be pretty unpleasant to be a Dem pol right now.  Benghazi won’t go away, and two-thirds of the country find the IRS scandal troublesome or worse (Must be Fox news fault.) and the economy sucks; on top of that, the news about Obamacare just keeps getting worse.

What’s a party hack to talk about?  The Kock brothers?  War on women? (Pinch Sulzberger, call your office.) Income inequality?  Global warming?  None of this is working.  I would offer the advice that they put their collective heads in a dark place, but I see that happened long ago.  At the cliche goes, 6 months is an eternity in politics.  But if the GOP doesn’t self-destruct, November will be a blood bath for Dems.

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