Strutting and fretting but signifying nothing

There has been much hoopla on the left and in the MSM (but I repeat myself) over Tom Cotton’s letter to the Iranians.   Cotton and the GOP members who signed his letter have been called traitors whose act may destroy any chance of a deal.  Amid the harrumphing  something important has been left out.  (That is, besides Ted Kennedy secretly getting touch with Soviet authorities while Reagan was in the midst of negotiations with them; and Nancy Pelosi talking to Assad against the wishes of the Bush administration; and Obama, aka, the ass, back door channeling Iran in 2008, telling them not to negotiate with Bush. ) The Dem senators are not necessarily in lockstep with the ass’s wishes.  It seems they are not prepared to abrogate their constitutional right of consent on treaties.  In fact, so many of them have determined they will not be a rubber stamp for Obama’s secret negotiations, that there are more than sufficient votes to pass a bill of their own with respect to Iran, and override an Obama veto of that bill.  My guess is this will never happen because the ass would never let himself in for that level of humiliation.  

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