Square peg, round hole

This is too much fun; that is, it would be too much fun if the circumstances and consequences weren’t so serious and sad.  Here are 3 lefties who are on record touting our VA healthcare.  Krugman — a tool, as my pal Jim Schimtz so aptly labelled him — is already revealed in a post below.  Now we have Klein and Kristoff.

Mistakes get made; what would be notable is if any of these gentlemen came forward and admitted their error and suggested that perhaps there is something to question in government wisdom and efficiency.  Kristoff and Klein write for the NYTs; it would be remarkable — to say nothing of proper — if the newspaper’s editorial page were to run an article suggesting that perhaps a closer look at Obamacare was in order.

The VA is an empiric example of bureaucracy running an enormous healthcare system, and it has been revealed an abject failure.  The facts are presently being laid bare.  Will the left adjust their thinking?

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