Sick and too much work

So, blogging has suffered.  Must be fun for my boss to see me leaning over the computer, coughing, hacking, nose running…  “Kiss me, doll!” On top of that I’m loaded with work.  Stinks.  I like it better when I can blog while I work.

However, there is something on which I must comment.  The CLINTON FOUNDATION IS TAKING DONATIONS FROM FOREIGN COUNTRIES, INCLUDING MUSLIM COUNTRIES!  Hey, Hillary, you have a law degree from an Ivy League school; ever hear the term quid pro quo?  I’m all the time hearing libs go on about too much corporate money in our politics, about the SC’s ruling that corporations have First Amendment rights; well wussup with this shit!  Really?  I mean, REALLY?   From this point on I ain’t listening to any of that crap. (Not that I ever did).  The Clinton’s have taken that complaint off the table.

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