Scratch a progressive, find a totalitarian

I can’t imagine this will surprise anyone, but it is nonetheless shocking.  What is happening on our college campuses would be funny if it weren’t so dangerous.  Given enough power, these kinds of “thinkers” would, at the very least and certainly, jail those with whom they disagree.  Don’t believe me?  Read the article in the post.  And then consider these:

Prof calls for death to deniers

Here’s another

And another

One more


Okay, last one

I am only stopping because otherwise I’d be here all day.  Granted, all the despotic miscreants in the stories above aren’t academics, but they suffer the same mindset of lockstep philosophy.

Historically, universities were supposed to be bastions of free thought and intellectual discourse.  That is less and less the case.  Academia has been hijacked by a nihilistic  and reflexive and despotic political correctness.  It has led to a war on men and a war on everyone who deviates from their declared truth.  These people are the antithesis of tolerant; they have a surface propensity for authoritarianism  and don’t begin to understand free speech.

One of the oddest things is that this nonsense is occurring while the entire college paradigm is in nearly as much trouble as the newspaper business.  Enrollment is falling; kids are graduating thousands of dollars in debt; and liberal arts degrees (it is the liberal arts departments that harbor the most and worst fanatics) are nearly worthless in the job market.

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