Ryan Clayton is a liar

Turns out he’s also a pussy.  He is claiming he was beaten and thrown out of a Friends of Abe (FOA) meeting.  (FOA is a conservative organization of show biz people in NY whose members stay under the radar out of fear of professional retribution.  You know, tolerant liberals and all that.) I was at that meeting.  James O’Keefe was the speaker. The meeting is closed to members only, but Clayton and his panty-wearing pal somehow managed to sneak in.  Their stated purpose was to videotape members, then post the video so that members would be outed.  (Let’s  make sure people are punished because they don’t agree with us!  Nice guys, eh?)  O’Keefe finished speaking and Clayton was handed the mic at the top of the question and answer period.  He began to “sing” a song in which he accused O’Keefe of being a rapist.  It took a moment for people to catch on, but FOA’s leader (I won’t print her name.) tried to get the mic from the guy.  Clayton is perhaps 35 and I’d guess 190 lbs.  He began to push this woman away.  Bad move.  First, he didn’t belong at a private meeting; second, he shouldn’t have put his hands on a woman. (Of course, that may have been a first for him.) He was dragged out, which, at one point, necessitated his being put in a headlock.  He was never punched or kicked.  In fact, an FOA member quickly shouted “Don’t punch him, that’s assault.”  I’m sure it was no fun for him, but the only thing hurt was his pride.  Minutes later, his friend was peacefully escorted out.  No one put a hand on this second titan of masculinity, who was a cross between pajama beta and the Pillsbury dough boy.  Still later, the police showed; within 30 seconds they were treated to a chant of “Blue lives matter!”  (More on that in a moment.) The meeting then closed prematurely as the bar (Eamonn’s on 45th st in NYC) manager decided, for some reason, that this was too much heat.  (What?  He never saw a scuffle in an Irish bar?) Clayton did, apparently, lose his phone or some part of it because as I walked through the front door and passed the cops I heard one of them say “I wish we could find it.  I’d love to shove the video in his face and say where’s the punch!”  Then I passed the ambulance in which he was seated and I heard another cop yell at him “Don’t tell me you’re there all the time.  It’s a private meeting.”

Today, the HuffintonPost and some other lib rags have picked up this story and run with it.  Clayton and his buddy are lying their asses off.  To hear them, they were surrounded by a mob and beaten to a pulp.  It is pure bullshit.   Newsflash Clayton: Without an invitation I don’t come to closed meetings where libs congregate and then attempt to insult a speaker while threatening professional harm to everyone in the room; and if I did, I’d expect to be grabbed and tossed out.

About the cops…I’m sure if anyone had punched either one of these douche nozzels the cops would have arrested them.  Even had the officers secretly enjoyed a little punishment directed at these pieces of fish shit, they’d have done their job. On the other hand…Maybe I’m wrong…And maybe the turds who’ve spent the better part of 2-3 years demonizing police, impugning their integrity and reputations, creating and encouraging an environment in which cops have been murdered should pause for a moment and consider the world they’ve fashioned.  Hey, douche nozzels, maybe the police will still protect you, and maybe they won’t.  But even if at present you can count on them, at what point do police officers go “Geez, let me think,  Blue lives matter or a moron who despises me? Blue lives matter or a moron who despises me?  Man, that’s a tough one.  Let me get back to you on that.  You say you were punched, eh?  That’s too bad.”

Wonder how far behind the military might be?

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