Riddles that defy solution (at least to date)

The wage gab between blacks and whites has grown considerably under Obama.  Still, African-Americans remain Obama’a most stalwart supporters.    Obama has no love for Israel, but Jews remain his second most reliable constituency.   It’s befuddling.

With black people I can only view it as tribal bias: “he’s one of us, and that’s all I care about.”  Charlatans like Sharpton and Jackson and haters like Wright and Farrakhan continue to hold enormous sway in too much of the black community.  They play the race card with its unspoken populist envy, and their acolytes develop a blind devotion to anyone and everything that is African-American.  No matter the standard of living or crime rates in cities that have been governed by deep blue politics since I was a child, black fealty to Dems is evidently unshakable.  And that determined faith is what keeps the Democratic Party viable; if black support ever drops to 75%, the Dems will be down to 30 senators.  That’s why no one is hated as much by progressives as a conservative African-American.

As for Jews… I do think Obama’s support among them has eroded somewhat, and the ongoing dust up with Bibi has, in the eyes of some Jews, diminished the Dem brand.  However, I don’t expect much increase in the percentage of Jews who will vote for a GOP prez candidate.  They may stay home; they may close their wallets; but they won’t vote for the other party.

Every 2 years in the voting booth, American Jews slap conservatives and libertarians across the face.   At times I wonder if this will ever be reflected in conservatives’ affection for Israel.   I cannot conceive of simultaneous affection for Israel and support for Obama.  And it’s an easy step to conclude, “If American Jews don’t care about Israel, then why should I?”

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