Reagan to Obama

Peggy Noonan has the best explanation I’ve seen for why  Benghazi is important.  It’s really worth a read if for no other reason than to see and contrast how things have changed.

Or perhaps they haven’t…maybe even then had the shoe been on the other political party’s foot there would have been no integrity found among congressional Democrats.  The GOP took Iran-Contra seriously; they may not have wanted to, but well-meaning men of integrity and honor did their duty and let the chip fall where they may.  Think of this in the coming days when we see Dems on the select committee bray like apoplectic idiots and fools.  And then think about why Reagan did what he did…Not for political gain, but to try and rescue Americans held hostage by hezbollah, one of whom was executed.  The Dems moaning and obfuscation — abetted no doubt by a lickspittle press, bereft of honor — is entirely about political protection and the hoped for election of Hillary Clinton to the executive office.

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