Push back …Or is it, push-back? Pushback?

Whatever.  The IPCC report and the Brussels NGOs who are behind it are frauds and liars with a) an agenda, b) a financial stake and c) reputations that will never be whole again. (So they must keep shouting the big lie!)  Trouble for them is, in addition to the empiric evidence (Dude, where’s my global warming?),  a critical mass of scientists are refusing to go into the destroyed-reputation sewer.  The galling thing to me has been and remains our compliant and silent MSM.  The hard evidence is there, but they have no desire to report it.  We all know why; the truth reflects poorly on the Democratic Party in general and the cipher in the White House in particular.  History will not be kind.  It may take 50 years, but eventually these lying bastards will be hammered into turd paste.

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