Profoundly disturbing.

Anti-semitism in American academia?  Yawn.  Perish the thought.  This is certainly sickening, but no less puzzling than the vast majority of American Jews running to the voting booth to continue support for progressives.  (Who are those in academia condoning this hooliganism?  Hint: It ain’t conservatives or libertarians.)

There is a further bothersome aspect in all this.  If American armed forces wind up fighting in alliance with Israel, young men and women from the South and West will be disproportionately represented.  Polls reflect that nearly two-thirds of armed service members vote for the GOP.  In other words, our politics aren’t good enough for the vast majority of American Jews, but our blood is just fine.  How can American Jews continue to turn their backs on conservatives come election time and then expect us to have our young people lay their lives on the line in defending Israel?

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