No, 97% of scientists DO NOT believe in AGW

Over and over for years now we’ve heard the “97% of scientists believe in human caused global warming (climate change).” This is bunk and hokum, and the people quoting it need to stop. There is too great a chance that you will be right about some truly calamitous event at some future point, but you will have corrupted your credibility and thrown away your ability to convince. That is not a good thing for any of us. I am fine with devotees of the green agenda; I disagree with much of what they believe, but that’s of no moment. However, in order for anyone to be taken seriously, they can’t embrace something as boldly false, as easily refutable as the 97% claim.

Here is this from the WSJ. There is more than enough in the article to enable anyone who cares to do a little due diligence.

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