Naked Emperor Struts and Frets…Significant of Nothing

If only Nero’s actions were significant of nothing. Alas, he is a clown without humor, his ineptitude of so great a measure that the entire world is threatened with fire.

“The crises has passed.”

Right.  Because Yemen is convening a constitutional convention; Libya is in the running for a new Disney World; peace is rising in Afghanistan; Syria, daily, pleads for our friendship; Iraq is building a club med;  Miss Lebanon loves Miss Israel; events in Egypt and Saudi Arabia have become entirely predictable; and Iran has dismantled its nuclear program and become a beacon of pluralism and tolerance.  Oh, wait…

Does Obama live in a parallel universe?  How can he so lightly dismiss an upheaval in the Islamic world that threatens all of civilization?  How can he be endlessly solicitous of the mullahs in Iran and have so much scorn for Bibi Netanyahu?  (More parallel universe: Doesn’t everyone know the real problem in the Middle East is Israel?  Yeah, right.) How can be more worried about fracking and oil and carbon footprints than he is about the Iranians with a bomb? ! (And presto, take credit for the low price of gas!  He’s Houdini, I tell you!  By the way, next time you hear a lefty  brag about gas prices, ask the sheep to explain to you what the prez’s policies are that led to those prices. Plead with him to expound at length. )

Well, Boehner and Bibi have teamed up to shine a light on Barry’s naked butt.  The Speaker has invited the Prime Minister to address Congress about Iran, and neither of the two chose to inform the community organizer.  The President’s spokesman, who bears the laughably inapt surname “Earnest,” mumbled something about a breech of protocol.  Perhaps someone should remind Josh of this.

It would appear that DEMOCRATIC Senator Menendez of New Jersey is also prepared to step over the Prez on the way to dealing with Iran.  This week he accused the administration of a policy formulated straight from “talking points from Tehran.”  Thank God there are people who can see, or are at least trying to see, the world as it really is.

“I have no more campaigns to run…I know, ’cause I won both of ’em.”

Great.  Very impressive.  A man for all seasons.  Churchill on the Potomac.

There is a big fight coming in the Middle East; much larger than anything that has yet happened there.  I just pray it doesn’t start until the juvenile is out of the White House.  In the meantime, while he’s issuing executive orders, serious people need to be looking in another direction.

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