Lost and befuddled…

Obama learned about:

Fast and Furious…from accounts in the newspapers

Spying on reporters…from accounts in the newspapers

Obamacare website failure…from what he heard on the news

IRS scandal…accounts in newspapers

Veterans Administration scandal…accounts in the newspapers

To this we can add failures of action in dealing with Iran, the Syrian red line, the Russian reset, the worst recovery from a recession EVER, the largest number of people collecting food stamps and disability in the history of either program, Libya disintegrating following the whole lead-from-behind, ambassador murdered, blame it on a video, nobody held accountable fiasco and the nation’s debt exploding to heights unimaginable before Obama took office.  I’m sure I’ve left some things out, but how much can one mind retain?  I mean, I need a flow chart.  What appears certain is that informed or not on a particular matter, the results are the same…failure.  Incompetence and arrogance have a way of assuring that.

More and more the Obama presidency puts me in mind of Chauncey Gardiner in the film, BEING THERE.

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