The headline above is so obvious it doesn’t need stating.  There are plenty of reasons to wonder whether Obama is a Christian and whether he loves the country.  When lib journalists (I repeat myself) start with this nonsense, I hope all the GOP candidates handle them precisely the way Walker did.

The Progressive movement is in trouble, and the lickspittle sycophants who comprise the majority of our MSM know it.  They know that there is an excellent chance the GOP will control both Houses and the executive branch in January 2017, and that this high point of progressive governance might not be seen again for many, many years in this country, and perhaps never again.  Worse yet (in their minds), Obama’s triumphs could all be rolled back.  And this comes at a moment when their influence is ebbed to an all time low, and one from which it will never recover.  The libs will fight with everything they can; they will fight like dying animals.  And the right must push back. From Fox News to talk radio, to blogs,to conversations on the street, no libertarian or conservative can let the BS ride.  To quote Obama, “Punch back, twice as hard.”

“Do you think Obama is a Christian?”  says some douchepuke

The response is: Hey, Hillary, is a 5 month old fetus a life?  Was Obama wrong to call Bush ‘unpatriotic?’  Do you still believe  your comment on Libya, the one where you said, ‘We came, he died’ is something to brag about? What are your thoughts on the Russian re-set button?  Do you regret that approach?  Would you appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the IRS?  Hillary, do you think Scott Walker is a Christian?

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