It was a lie from the very beginning…

Our president is, was and shall remain a liar.  His philosophy demands and reveres it; and his abettors in the MSM and academia embrace it.

It is strange but true that the left is understood from the rudimentary and fundamental to its most in-depth and esoteric once an observer comprehends that for a progressive the end justifies the means.   While I was always aware of this in an around-the-edges sort of way, it was detailed for me most perfectly in this book.  No one should graduate college without having read it.  That it is not mandatory in our universities is academic malfeasance.  It works as history and literature, and there is no better account of man and God, history (20th Century) and religion and freedom and communism.

One thought on “It was a lie from the very beginning…”

  1. I once posted on Facebook that our president was a pathological liar. I was taken to task by the worshipers who refuse to ever think there is anything but racism going on, if you say anything negative about a man who finding positive things to say, is a great challenge. Most people stated that I mustn’t know what the word “pathological” means. I do know what it means, and from the moment he stated his campaign, and I was called a racist because I said he was lying, he WAS lying. Everything he says is a lie. Most recently lying about what the Pope said and didn’t say to him. To paraphrase Judge Judy (who I would vote for in a New York second, for any public office, including President), is fond of saying about teenagers, “How can you tell that the President is lying? His mouth is moving.” I completely agree with you about “Witness.”

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