Interest is accruing…and the debt is inescapable and will be violent

We are going to have to fight the left in this country.  I don’t know  if it will happen in my lifetime, but I am sure it will happen.  Progressives, who’ve taken over the Democratic Party, hate everything that has defined America since its founding.  Most obviously and importantly, they hate free enterprise, individual freedom, the Constitution and Christianity.  They don’t care about the rule of law or democracy.  All and  everything is about winning and power.  There is no appeasing them; there is no compromise with them; and they will not accept the voice of the people in elections.  The very best of them are useful idiots and the rest are totalitarians more than happy to imprison opponents and  command the rest of us do their bidding or face the consequences.  There is a single solution, and that is to become 2 nations.   That will not happen peacefully, and certainly it will lead to an odd looking map. But I accept that I cannot change them, and  I will not live under them.  Don’t mistake my meaning when using the word ‘violence.’  We will have to kill them until they don’t want to fight any more, and whichever side is the most ruthless will win the day.  If we win, each side will have its own country; if they win, they will rule us by whatever means they deem necessary. Fortunately, the majority of cops and armed service members are on our side. (I recently witnessed an example — which I won’t relate — of police officers realizing who has their backs.) In addition, most of us are already armed and know how to use guns. None of this will make for an easy victory. Still, we should win.  The majority of today’s leftists are more narcissist than true believers; they are spoiled rabble more in love with themselves than committed to an idea or governing philosophy. While I have no doubt that among their members are those willing to fight and die, I am even more sure that the overwhelming majority of them will surrender the field at a ‘whiff of grapeshot.’ The academics, show biz types and public union leaders, the junkies, welfare cheats, and power lusting bureaucrats who make up the core constituency of the left’s power base will sprint to a negotiating table and accept whatever proposal is placed before them — especially if given their own nation — before they face death.  We have only to be willing to kill them.  The Rhodes, Streeps, Slivermans, Judds, Behars, Sulzbergers, Coopers, Harwoods, and countless pusillanimous academics and government bureaucrats at every level are much more concerned with saving their own precious hides than anything else.  Need proof?  Imagine killing any 50  anonymous liberal professors and journalists across any number of states; no demands, no announcement of why, nothing but silence…and watch the fear and paralysis set in.  Sure, there would be some demonstrations and unrest on college campuses, but so what?   The left can bully, but it won’t fight.  A fight means you might lose, and they are far too precious to risk  that.

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