Inexorable ride of a sad ass

Caroline Glick of the Jerusalem Post makes a damning case that the ass either embraces the radical Islamic cause or is indifferent to it.  (How can the ass and his spokestoadies insist that the people targeted in the Paris deli were chosen randomly, and not because they were Jews?!  How is it the ass refuses to use the term “Islamic” when he talks of terrorists?  Why do so many members of our MSM simply shrug?)

More and more of the ass’s feckless bullshit is a yawn…that is to say, boring and predictable, mere puddles of piss that have to be stepped over on the way to a terrible conclusion.  The ass won’t help, and  he’s too big a fool to see that the hurdles he throws up, far from helping, instead insure the horrific conclusion.  Netanyahu’s speech to Congress is a Hail Mary, but it’s all that is left.   (See the last sentence in Glick’s article.) If the Senate doesn’t demand more from the ass, then Persia will be forced to recall the wrath of Alexander.  The ramifications will be felt here and and over a large measure of the world.  Then what will the ass do?  All of us already know: He will bray platitudinous nonsense. (Click link; you won’t regret it.)

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