If this person were white, male or anti-right

This one is a special example of the breed. It’s impossible to read this and not want to put a bullet in this woman’s ear.  I know, I know, waste of  a perfectly good bullet that never did me any harm.  Always remember, BLM was lauded by Obama and is still held high by the alt left, which is to say, the entire progressive movement.  In 2018 and again in 2020 you can be certain that for the overwhelming majority of Democratic Party candidates running for any office, fealty to BLM, some pledge of reverence, will be an imperative. Minus that, no Dem can win a primary.

Now, take a moment and imagine if a Tea Party leader had said something similar.  Then recall how our MSM  and Democrats (but I repeat myself) labeled Tea Partiers as racist.

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