If this person were white, male or anti-left

I’m not quite sure I understand what she means.   Wish she were a little more clear instead of being so namby-pamby.  Still, I have a feeling if a conservative white man said it, it likely wouldn’t go over to well.

And what is this guy talking about?

“A]s protests against Trump’s executive order continued in spots around the country, the recent Democratic vice-presidential candidate urged Americans to ‘fight in the streets’ over the new president’s policies. ‘What we’ve got to do is fight in Congress, fight in the courts, fight in the streets, fight online, fight at the ballot box,’ Sen. Tim Kaine told MSNBC Tuesday.  Yeah, that Tim Kaine, the ‘statesman’ who was on the underside of the just defeated Dem ticket for the presidency.

Wonder what the networks and the NYTs might have had to say if Paul Ryan had said those words after he and Romney lost?

All of this is elephant shit.  On the part of the speaker in the first post, it’s criminal, and on Kaine’s part it’s monumentally stupid and incomprehensibly irresponsible.  And Dems claim that President Trump is a mad man?

Remember when there was a call from Dems for civility in our political discourse?  Or how about when they went into a bed-wetting frenzy over the use of crosshairs on a map used by Sara Palin’s pac to target vulnerable Dems?  Oh, man, that was so yesterday.  I’m just proving myself a old fart.

And what do Dem pols and their acolytes in the street hope to obtain with continuous obstruction and demonstration and calls for violence?  They have no levers of power.  Do they expect Trump to resign?  Do they believe the lunacy will bring the country to a halt?    Is this just screaming for the sake of screaming?  I repeat: What is it they believe can be accomplished?  They are playing a bad hand poorly, and the smarter among them realize it.  That’s why I take the calls for fighting and violence seriously.  They have no other hope, no other chance of effecting change, at least in the near future.

Speak softly, but if you haven’t, go to your gun shop and buy an AR-15, one that uses 5.56 ammo.  With any luck some semblance of sanity will prevail on the left, and you will never have to use it.  On the other hand, as with all insurance policies, when you need one, there is simply no other substitute.

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