Holder’s parting gift

So, the DOJ releases its investigation of the Michael Brown shooting by officer Darren Wilson, and the findings sum unequivocally to justified homicide.   Think of that a moment; let it marinate.  Remember the nationwide demonstrations; this action by Congressional hill staffers; this by a Congressman; or this one by some pro athletes.  Here is my personal favorite from some members of the unbiased staff at CNN.

How can anyone objectively consider any part of this and not become outraged at these people?  Think of the damage done to part of the town of Ferguson.  Think of the poison poured over race relations.  Think of the two cops shot in Ferguson. Think of the two cops murdered in NYC.  (And I won’t listen to any shit about that guy simply being a nut.  He mentioned specifically in his note “One of ours, two of their’s.”  If Michael Brown’s story stays local, as it should have, then those cops are  alive today.) And all this damage done over a fictional narrative…A god damned lie.

Have any of the people principally responsible for this obscenity  come forward with the shame-faced humble apology that the entire nation is due?  Have they sworn to learn anything from this? Think of Sharpton and Eric Holder.  God, I want to curse them, but the worst language I can conceive falls so short of the goal. There will be damn few apologies.  This guy, to his credit, has issued the only one I’ve seen.  But still, and reflexively, he swallows without a moment’s circumspection the DOJ’s report of municipal racism in Ferguson.  And make no mistake, that is the grotesque lens through which this sorry episode will be viewed by the bien pensant.  We will hear no shame, no admittance of a rush to judgement and no apology; it wall all become “Well, you know, Ferguson is a racist town.”

Eric Holder — and never forget he served at Obama’s discretion — is the worst AG in the nation’s history.  To fully comprehend the depth of that measure take a few minutes of your time and recall and remember Ramsey Clark.   His character and “talent” were on full and immediate display when he oversaw guns being shipped into the hands of some of the most dangerous criminals in the world; it was but a harbinger of the idiocy that lay ahead.  (Can you even imagine!) And now for 6 years he has been free to pour his racist bile over the country.  We are all much worse for it.

And when the stories begin to roll out about Ferguson’s city government,  about how it is exhibit A for repressive municipalities and the racism that continues to affect American, make sure to remind yourself that Obama refers to Al Sharpton as his “go-to” person on civil rights.

The progressive crowd  is without shame because they are convinced that their desired end justifies all means.  (Note the rush to defend Hillary’s most recent corrupt activities.)  They will stop at nothing; damage, divisiveness and incidental deaths mean nothing to them on their way to creating a “perfect world” for all of us.  When does violence become a rational option?

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