High Water In the Annals of Douchebaggery

So, the French lose 16 people in a massacre by Islamic goat f***ers and our Secretary of Stare shows up with James Taylor, who then sings YOU’VE GOT A FRIEND.  Talleyrand would piss on both of them.  While we were still fighting to become a nation Ben Franklin was our emissary to France; now we send a lipless goul whose singular accomplishment was repeated when he twice married wealthy women.  And he’s accompanied by a guy who was a popular singer when I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL!  And winter, spring, summer or fall, sweet baby James looks like he needs a bathroom stall.  The guy can’t even sit up straight on his stool.  Or maybe his pants are loaded and he is sitting on his stool.   This will go down as a high-water mark in the annals of douchbaggery.    Imagine FDR sending some wimp bureaucrat accompanied by Sinatra into London after the blitz and having the Chairman sing  IT HAD TO BE YOU.  At least Sinatra would have sat up straight on the chair and told the Soviets to kiss his ass.

This is all of a piece with the bringbackourgirls hashtag on twitter a couple of months back.  Let’s see, how did that work out?  Oh, yeah, last week Boko Haram murdered 2000 people for…something, I don’t know.  Clearly, hashtags and 75-year-old folk singers make Islamic goat f***ers soil their pants.  But never fear, because this week Obama freed 5 more Gitmo detainees.  Maybe he gave them all a CD with a recording of Kumbaya and Let There be Peace on Earth.


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