Have I a touch of Nostradamus?

Damn, I wish I could find the post.  Maybe it was on FB and not here.  Two years ago I said somewhere in print that the Dems would go ape shit if they lost the 2016 pres election. Okay, I suppose it wasn’t that difficult to predict, but nonetheless, I was spot on.  They cannot contain themselves, and the more they scream, the more normal Donald Trump appears.

Let’s see, in no particular order here are a few: James Comey! Vote tampering! Wikileaks! The popular vote; change the electoral college! The Russkies did it! Killing public education!  Jeff Sessions is a racist!  March, march, march in the streets!  Protest!  Block traffic!  Purple vaginas!  Nasty girls! Un-American!  Mad dog Mattis!  Trump is Hitler!  Fascism! Refugees!  Islamaphobes!  Destroying the environment!

I lose my breath simply trying to recall a portion of it.  Led by an unhinged, dishonest and fake news media, the lefties are living every moment in FULL CAPS.  Earth to loonies: You will not be able to keep up the pace.  On a further note, this endless tirade renders diminished returns.  When everything is horrible, then nothing is horrible.  It’s a white out of outrage and nothing can be distinguished; everything sounds like one long, shrieking, juvenile temper tantrum.  Imagine if the president were a Dem and this shit were happening?

Maybe a general strike is next.  Oh, wait, they’re college students and paid Soros bums.  Maybe they want to fight.  First they have to buy guns, then they have to learn how to use them.  Is it possible for them to re-matriculate to elementary school?  Would they benefit from a spanking?

Unfortunately, I did, in that former post, also predict violence.  Hope I am wrong about that part of it; however, I’m not confident.

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