France: A Tangential Observation

A recurring theme in the American progressive narrative has been the superiority of life in France.  In addition to the wine and cheese, there is the vast social safety network and all those subsidies! French intellectuals have been lauded for their defense and insistence on multiculturalism.  Among the other observations that can be made in the wake of this week’s massacre in Paris is that the foundation on which these claims rest is, well, merde.

Multiculturalism in France has been shown to be a rotted tissue of putrid nonsense.  (Am I holding back?) First, observant Muslims are not interested.  Then, to anyone who ever thought beyond some kumbaya ideal, the notion of multiculturalism and an elevated French civilization presented an insoluble paradox: If all cultures are equal, then how can one be superior?   Of course to anyone with more than two turds for a brain, French culture, insofar as it is Western culture, is superior to Middle Eastern culture.  For instance, we don’t execute homosexuals; we don’t practice or condone “honor” killings of women; there is no death penalty for leaving our predominant religion; we don’t practice clitorectomies; etc.

The French social safety network has also done a face plant.  Long-term maternity leave, free healthcare, extended vacations and rent subsidies failed to persuade or assimilate the Islamic terrorists.  Wonder what the lefties will suggest?  Outreach programs?  Midnight soccer?  Higher taxes?  Perhaps sensitivity training beginning in primary school?

It’s time for the progressives to admit the failure of multiculturalism and join the rest of us in burning and burying it, and then to undertake a re-thinking of the purpose and value of the safety net.  Further, we best all learn to thump our collective chests and proudly proclaim the superior virtues of Western Civilization.  If not, we may have to learn to kneel and face Mecca 5 times a day…at least those of us who are still alive.

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