Federal Government gets involved, chaos ensues

The Feds invoked Title IX to make universities “deter and punish” sex assaults.  This has become a fiasco for two reasons: first, the number of campus sex assaults is wildly over-estimated (the 1 in 5 figure we hear so often has been thoroughly debunked as you can see here and here.  However, it serves a political purpose, so the progressive crowd will continue to toss it against the wall, much like “hands up, don’t shoot”) and second, college campuses are not qualified to deal with the  prosecution and adjudication of crimes.  NEWSFLASH: Police and the criminal courts are used for that purpose.

The upshot of all this — especially when poured into the  cauldron of hatred continually stirred by lesbians, misandrists, and panty-wearing  metrosexuals who are abetted by spineless academic bureaucrats — is men being falsely  accused of crimes and then having to try and clear themselves in a system that offers them no due process.   Here is a prime and arbitrarily chosen example at Auburn University.  (NEWSFLASH: To repeat, police and the criminal courts are used to address crimes.)  The further result has been that many of these men have filed suit against their respective universities…and have won.  That’s “punching back, twice as hard.”

I’d feel sorry for the college administrators if I weren’t irrevocably convinced that the overwhelming majority of them are douche bags, and the bit of hell into which they’ve fallen is a self-induced and condign punishment.

Of course the entire sorry episode serves as another example of the unfathomable stupidity of the federal government.

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