Epic progressive failure

This, thanks to Obama, is the norm in too many our public school districts.  According to progressive theory, our schools, just like our police departments, are systematically racist.  White privilege and white bias are the problem and must be addressed.  Here, let me try a counter thesis: Anyone who believes that is a fucking idiot.  The example in this article is vivid and undeniable in refuting the notion that black students are punished and expelled because they are black.  Worse, as the article unequivocally and indisputably proves, the results have been MUCH greater school violence, an environment in which it is impossible to learn, and a complete failure to help the students which the new ‘approach’ was supposed to rescue.  Earth to progressives: So long as black children come from homes where there is no father, where discipline and authority are ignored and trashed, violent children (who will later become violent adults, criminals, and convicts) will be the upshot.  To close, think of the Asian students (30% of the district’s school population) who were affected by this.  God knows the people who implemented the program never thought for one moment about them.

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