Epic blue state fail

How about that Baltimore mayor, eh?  Clueless doesn’t suffice.  She was overwhelmed.  She looks as if she just returned from months in a heavy combat zone; as if she has PTSD.  But let’s forget her because she is eminently forgettable.  Instead, take a look at the facts surrounding this microcosm of our unraveling urban culture.

Maryland is a blue state with high taxes.  It’s state income tax is the 4th highest in the nation.  Here is a dyed-in-the-wool lefty praising Maryland and its high tax rates.   MD ranks number 9 in highest amount of per pupil spending on education; and lest you think that figure is offset by wealth in places like Montgomery County, Baltimore city is SECOND in the nation in per pupil spending.

Baltimore is a minority majority city.  The police force is majority minority; the police commissioner is black; and though it would seem the mayor is invisible, she, too, is black.  (All this puts the lie to the bullshit we heard about the trouble in Ferguson stemming from the fact that in a majority black town the police force was majority white.)

My point is, Baltimore is laboratory, a real life, real time test or proving ground for all the various progressive notions  of how to perfect human life.  Last night, we saw the results splashed all over our TV screens.

At what point does the left begin to question basic assumptions on family, education and welfare?   (Hey, I know, let’s import a few million unskilled workers!  Yeah, that will help!)

Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s prescience has become obvious.  Everything he feared would happen has come to pass, and still I am hearing and reading all of the old, tired excuses for sad and despicable anti-social behavior.  How long will the left continue to bang a square peg into a round hole?  Do they really care about these folks?

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