Emerging Democratic Majority? Uh, not so much…

A few years back John Judis and Ruy Teixeira authored a book titled THE EMERGING DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY. These guy are Dems, but not of the spittle-beflecked, hate-filled variety.  They are serious guys, and they wrote a serious book that was studied by calm analysts in both parties.  That’s what makes this noteworthy.  Judis has not simply reconsidered his position, he now sees the possibility of an emerging Republican majority; not a safe bet, mind you, but a trend with a very real and clear potential.  His opinion has shifted due to working class and middle class white flight from the Dems; in addition, support from millennials has waned, and they no longer see big government as the solution to their problems.

This should come as no surprise.  First, there are no majorities of lasting duration in American politics.  Second, a relentless determination to identity politics, wherein anyone not in agreement with your position is labelled racist, sexist, homophobic, a McCarthyite, etc, ad nauseum, is NOT persuasive and tends to turn people against you… not to mention an economy that continues to be tepid (worst recovery from a recession in our history), despite Dem crowing to the contrary.

The “Dems with bylines” analysts that make up our MSM continue to hang their hats on the notion that a changing, less white electorate means the end is nigh for the GOP.  However, this is shallow observation;  Asian and Latino voters are not as reliably Dem as blacks, and young professionals are becoming cynical about the power of government.

Guys like this hack are determined to see what they want to see.  But more serious students of the electorate have begun seeing a different future.

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