Brian Williams is a POS and he must go away

I have a couple of observations on this.  First, lefty liars NEVER pay a price, with the exception of Dan Rather who, to this day, insists that the “fake but true” story was, well true.

Think of these people :

Hillary Clinton — lied about being under sniper fire while landing in Bosnia (elected Dem senator; appointed Sec of State)

Richard Blumenthal — lied about being in Vietnam (elected Dem senator)

Tom Harkins — lied about being in Vietnam (elected Dem senator)

Elizabeth Warren — lied about being a Native American (elected Dem senator)

John Kerry — lied about his Vietnam service (elected Dem senator)

Neil Tyson DeGrasse — lied about, well, everything … I’ve posted a link for this guy because his lies were less well publicized.  He is a notable lefty who is ever fond of bashing conservatives.  Being a liar is not a disqualifying trait for progressives.

Lena Dunham — lied about being raped.   I realize these last two are not politicians, but they occupy lofty positions in the progressive constellation, and they are consistent critics of all things conservative.  They are liars and that has to be remembered every time they open their mouths.

Try this experiment: What would Brian Williams have to say if Sarah Palin claimed to have been on a helicopter that was under fire in Iraq?

Now for my second observation: Brian Williams is a piece of shit.  I have zero interest in any notion of Christian mercy or forgiveness.    Anyone who will steal for his own the narrative earned by a soldier in combat is only marginally better than a pedophile.  Imagine — if you can — what kind of person, what motivation in that person, leads someone to tell a story over and over and over again (13 times by last count) for a period of years to embellish and burnish his courage and reputation?  Williams is a low life weasel.  He should be a social pariah.  He should be shunned and whispered about, the whispers not because people are afraid to be heard condemning him, but because his shame is such that it can only be uttered in a barely audible voice.  If he had an ounce of decency he would kill himself. It’s the only payment he can make in recompense for his sin.   In doing so, he could regain some tiny bit of honor.

One last observation…Watch for Williams’ defenders.  They are already out.  Observe who they are and think about what this reveals in them.

One thought on “Brian Williams is a POS and he must go away”

  1. i thought i was the only one who compared liars like him to child molesters, thank you for letting me know i am not alone.

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