Boehner with balls

So the House has passed a bill that fully funds DHS but leaves out money that would enable implementation of Obama’s illegal immigration bill.  The bill has been sent to the Senate, but Dems have filibustered it to prevent a vote.  McConnell (Big Mitch) has muttered some nonsense about the next move being up the House, the implication being he wants the House to pass a bill that gives Barry what he wants.   Boehner has told Senate Dems (and implicitly McConnell) to kiss his ass.  Okay, more precisely, he told Senate Dems to get off their asses and allow a vote.  This is the correct path to take.  If anything bad were to happen blame would settle squarely on the Dems for not passing a bill that funded DHS.  Moreover, Barry’s unconstitutional immigration move is not popular with the nation.  Only an unforced error can blow this.  McConnell appears prepared to fold while holding 4 aces, but Boehner is staying hard.

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