Bibi kicks (the) ass

I think most of the country senses the magnitude of this moment.  Obama’s most passionate acolytes blush with shame at his juxtaposition with Netanyahu.  They will deny it with bluster, anger and indignation, but the difference is stark: one man spent his early years in combat; he lost his brother in the war against tyranny; he is persuasive and courageous; he is a leader.  The other is  a narcissist who has earned nothing; he’s divisive and weak; and he’s been scalded in the voting booth and has reacted with a pettiness that betrays the soul of his character.  In a twist of irony, at this moment, although for different reasons, their respective traits make both men very dangerous.

Netanyahu is not bluffing.  Not even the braying ass could think so.  But Obama has 1) painted himself into a corner with respect to negotiations with Iran; if he defers to what most of Congress and the majority of Americans want, then he looks weak and it is an admission of error on his part, and 2) he is a small and petty man, incapable of admitting error.  To whatever extent clinical narcissism translates to mental illness, the ass is mentally ill.  Netanyahu will bomb Iran and Obama will NOT choose the path that could possibly obviate that course.  We have moved a step closer to war.

There are a couple of other interesting scenarios…First, can Congress force the ass’s hand?  Can he be forced to accept tougher sanctions on Iran?  In my opinion, the answer is no for precisely the reason I stated above.  The ass doesn’t care.  He doesn’t care about Congress or what the majority of the American people believe or want.  The people turned on him this last November, and the people can be damned because the ass craves vengeance.

Second, what happens after the Israeli air force bombs Iran?  What happens in Europe and the Mideast?  What happens on our universities and in our streets?  What will the ass do?  A few days ago an Israeli newspaper reported that last year Obama threatened to shoot down Israeli planes in order to thwart a mission that was scheduled to happen. The White House denied the report, but just the fact that they even had to issue a denial is shocking.  In my opinion, Europe and our colleges will be riotous, but that will be short lived when “lone wolf” Islamic terrorists begin to work their magic.  (And just to state the obvious: if the university types want to join the jihadi,  anti-Jew, anti-Christian, anti-American violence, I will shoot them until I run out of bullets, period.) In Europe, the violence will be greater, and authorities will have to meet it with force we haven’t seen since WW II.  It won’t stop until the beasts are fired upon.  The Mideast will explode.  Muslims in every country will pour into the streets, and murder will be the order of the day.  And Obama?  Goodness.  Who knows?  My guess is he will mutter something about this being what everyone deserves for not crowning him, not recognizing his genius.  I am put in mind of Hitler in the waning days.

One last thought…If, indeed, Obama orders Israeli planes be shot down, then the army needs to stage a coup and arrest the guy on the spot.  I’m glad I’m armed.


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  1. Your analysis is spot on. I had not heard of the Israeli plane threat by POTUS — but it definitely sounds like something he’d do, and explains the chill in his and Netanyahu’s relationship, and even more the look of scorn on Netanyahu’s face as he looked out over the crowd of the dems that showed up. Their not coming to such a historical and important event is akin to Obama not showing up on the world stage in Paris — definitely not representing their constituents, ALL the people of their state, not just one party. There are a lot of asses that need not only kicking, but stomped out of town! (See elephant stomp)

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