Benghazi dung heap

Because so much relating to the Benghazi story stinks, this particular piece of the puzzle has not gotten nearly the attention it deserves. We now know that the administration’s tale of  demonstrations resulting from a video and escalating to violence was a lie.  Say it again louder, A LIE.  But one of the truly obscene consequences of that lie (among several obscene consequences) was the jailing of the guy who produced the putatively offending video.

Think of  that — the administration put a man in prison on a minor parole violation because it needed a scapegoat.  The guy had been convicted of check fraud.  Here’s the tale. Part of his parole agreement was that he not go on the internet. Obviously, to upload the video to youtube he went on the internet.  That was why he was jailed and has since been sentenced to a year in the slammer.

This article, which quotes Jonathan Turley, among others, a left of center attorney who is one of the nation’s foremost legal scholars, suggests that Mr. Nakoula was the victim of heavy handed application of the law.  The implication is clear: the administration, in need of bolstering its phony narrative, leaned on local prosecutors in CA to make a high profile arrest of the guy.  Hillary Clinton went so far as to tell the families of the dead men that they, the administration, knew this guy was responsible, and they were going to get him.   Well, of course.  I mean what’s the problem?  An administration needs a fall guy, so throw some chump in jail, point fingers and scream loudly….OMG!  Where the hell are we living!?  What have we become?!  We have a thug government with the chutzpah of a street whore, and a press so craven and lickspittle that the action simply slides past with hardly more than a hum and a skip. Imagine the reaction from the New York Times if George Bush were president.


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