Battel of the beeatches

The harridan vs the Indian…yeah, baby, that’s what I want to see.  That Hillary Clinton is the runaway presumptive Dem candidate speaks volumes about the “integrity” of the left.  To their credit, many progressives — I know several — simply cannot bring themselves to support her, or so they say now.  Of course, the choice they prefer is Elizabeth Warren.  Oh, please God, have the Indian Princess get into the race!  Clinton is a slimy, hypocritical, show me the money, dog; Warren is Bernie Sanders with smaller tits.  (To be fair I have never seen either of them topless, and that remains one of life’s gifts for which I am eternally grateful.)  The Me-No-Like-Em Capitalism senator from Massachusetts is a fraud and a liar.  She pays lip service to to caring for the poor and downtrodden; it’s the only card in her deck, but her climb up the ladder was fueled and facilitated by climbing on and over Native Americans.  Ambition has been her soul focus, and if that meant pretending to be an Indian, well, then, she happily applied war paint.  She is a despicable toad and were she a Republican her craven and mendacious act would have ended her political career.  I can think of nothing I’d rather see then Hill and Warren going toe to toe…King Kong vs Godzilla.  Please pass the popcorn.


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