Barry in the bunker

I did not hear a peep about this on any televised news report, nor have I found it mentioned in an American newspaper.  For a bit of context…Anders Fogh Rasmussen is former NATO Secretary General.   If he’s predicting Putin will make a move on one of the Baltic states, the idea should be taken seriously.  The Baltic nations (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania) are members of NATO and by Article 5 of the NATO agreement an attack on one state is an attack on all of them.  So what would the Europeans do?  And what of Barry?

The Europeans will do squat.  They can’t.  By NATO agreement they are supposed to spend 2% of their GDP on defense; in fact, virtually none do. It appears that the social safety nets are rather too expensive to entertain ideas of a defense budget.  (Odder still, even without paying for armies, they still can’t pay the bills!)

How would Barry respond?  Perhaps this line taken from his second National Security Strategy offers a clue:

“be a champion for … people with disabilities; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) individuals; displaced persons; and migrant workers”.  Feeling better now?

Don’t you just long for the days when Barry could whisper to a Putin toady that he would have “greater flexibility after the election”?  Obviously, Putin was very grateful.

Barry can’t understand Putin anymore than he can understand the mullahs in Iran.  Worse yet, their belligerence paralyzes him.  Steeped as he is in the academy lounge notion that groveling before our enemies, combined with public apologies for the nation’s past sins and extending the hand of friendship would stop the waters from rising and reveal the true and friendly nature of our erstwhile foes, he cannot accept reality without overturning the applecart of his entire philosophy.

Delusion becomes imperative.  He has to declare leaving Iraq a victory and insist that terrorism is merely a nuisance; one that poses us no existential threat.

Sadly, it appears that those of us who cling to guns and Bibles are the only foes that Barry is actually willing to take on.  To him, we are the enemy and require the collective force of the DOJ and IRS to combat and conquer.   While Barry plays in the bunker with youtube heroines who bathe in milk, Putin slaps around the Ukraine and the mullahs develop ICBM’s.  It appears our enemies have taken the measure of the man.  Today, God help Israel and the east Europeans; soon enough, it will be our turn to pay.


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