A lengthy vacation and professional concerns have kept me from posting over the last 3+ weeks.  However, I’m back scouring the internet so you don’t have to.  On the other hand, the Obama admin’s failures are so numerous that I suspect a visit to any public restroom will prominently feature a run down of some one of the myriad example of fecklessness, error or criminality.

Have you ever seen a snow white out?  I was in Hartford, CT a few years ago during a snow storm so severe that perspective became impossible.  You simply could not judge distances.  One foot and one mile appeared the same.  So it is with the Obama presidency and administration.  We have a white out of scandal and stupidity.  Perspective is nearly impossible.  However, for me, as bad as they all are, I place the IRS mess at the top of the heap.  It’s as if in this particular patch of the snow blanket a dog has squatted and left a turd, leaving me able to see and judge it clearly.  The distillation is simply this: An ostensibly non-partisan institution of government attempted to intimidate, thwart and imprison, (IMPRISON!) the president’s political opponents.  This is tyranny and despotism.

In saying this I realize that in the the long run, Obama’s idiocy in the Middle East may prove more dangerous to the country.

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