Just read this post in Powerline which delves into Netanyahu’s reasons for bypassing Obama to speak with Congress.

Here is my response to the post:

It is 3 and 4, and the first two aren’t worth considering. Netanyahu and his family have put their lives on the line for Israel (his brother having lost his). To suppose that he would be influenced by political considerations or juvenile brinkmanship simply won’t, to my mind, wash. Only someone as trivial and petty as Obama could imagine or act with such motivations in the face of such a serious threat. 

An inexorable march toward a great war is nearing a close. Obama’s support and American aid can no longer be given primary consideration. Iran cannot be allowed to attain nuclear weapons, period. Everything we’ve seen to date in the ME has been overture. Part of the ME is going to be blown to bits; leftists here will pour into the streets; in Europe, (Ah, Europe!) who can tell? Left and right and Muslims are all anti-Semites, but the right understands that European civilization is threatened by multi-culti bureaucrats and occupying Muslims, the majority of which in both groups need to be hanged.

We may learn if there are still men in the West who understand power and how to use it. If so, the results will be terrible and ugly. If not, the results will be worse.

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